For me, religion is pretty clear cut. I’m not religious, and won’t ever be. The easiest religion to discount as being credible is, in my opinion, Christianity. Most of the points I’ll raise below apply to other religions as well, but everything just seems to clear cut when it comes to Christianity. I’ll also cover all these points in more detail at a later date, so I’ll just touch on them briefly here.

So why am I not a Christian?

  • I don’t like your God – I guess this is fairly fundamental, but it’s true. Bearing in mind the God doesn’t actually exist, I don’t like the concept. The one thing that really gets me is the whole “Worshiping” thing. If God is all powerful, why does he demand that people worship him? Does he crave the attention that much?
  • Free Will – So this whole “free will” thing, the reason bad things happen to good people, it’s bollocks. If there really was free will, and it was supported by God, surely Christians wouldn’t be forced to attend Church? You can’t have it both ways.
  • Church – Christians have to go to church. Why? Well, if you believe in something that isn’t logical, something you can’t see or hear, something that doesn’t exist, there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people who think the same to reaffirm your beliefs.
  • The Risk – A favorite question asked by Christians is “what if your wrong?”. As an argument, it’s slightly ridiculous, it’s almost suggesting that people should be Christians just in case their right. I’ve embedded a video at the end of this post which has Richard Dawkins answering this very question and he raises a very good point. My logical argument goes thus. If I am wrong, I’m in a better position that if a Christian is wrong. Imagine the day you die and you suddenly realize there is a God judging you. Would you rather have gone through your life having not worshiped anything, or gone through your life worshiping the wrong God? Would you rather have murdered the wrong person, or not murdered anyone at all?
  • Your Heaven is my Hell – Seriously, the one thing that annoys me about Christians more than practitioners of any other religion is the fact they push their beliefs on you at every opportunity. If heaven is full of Christians, I don’t want to be there.

So those are my five top reasons for not being a Christian. I’ve left out the obvious (there’s no God, I wasn’t raised a Christian) and approached it from a more logical angle. I’m going to try and expand on the thoughts on each of the points over the next few weeks.