I’ve mentioned previously that one of the major problems I have with Christians is this growing trend of only “believing” certain aspects of The Bible. Yes, I’m talking about those who have recently shunned away from creationist theory, seeing the scientific evidence as overwhelming, yet still abiding by the rest of the Bible. This is one of those “let me get this straight…” issues. So, even though the Bible says God, the invisible all powerful entity exists ,and created everything, they are choosing to believe God exists but not that he created everything? So what did the “creator” actually create?

As someone who likes to apply logic to much of what I do, I find this genuinely hard to understand. If I was reading a book, lets say an encyclopedia, and it stated that fire is wet, I’d question the validity and accuracy of the rest of the book. For some reason, Christians don’t do this. This fits in with my long held view that people are pre-determined by personality type to be religious. It may very well be that one of the personality traits that leads people to religion is the inability to question something you are told. This is the equivalent of repeatedly voting for a politician because they tell you your life is better, even though your life isn’t better at all.

For fundamentalist Christians, an even more worrying trend is emerging. While creationism can be disproved through science, there are Christians out there choosing not to follow parts of the Bible because they don’t agree with it. The latest “evidence” (I never truly believe surveys, so I use the word “evidence” advisedly) that supports this is a survey performed with young (under 30) Christians and non-Christians. A couple of striking facts came out of the survey. Firstly, both Christians and non-Christians feel that the image of Christianity is waning. The other striking fact is that both believers and non-believers feel that Christianity is too homophobic. And this is putting people off it as a religion. Once again, this came from Christians.

So, we have God creating everything, which is fairly clearly set out in the Bible, and Homosexuality, also fairly clearly dealt with in the Bible, being questioned by both believers and non-believers. So what else is up for the chop? My money is on Jesus.

It just seems that as atheists address the fundamental points of religion, and raise sufficient doubt in the minds of a religion’s followers, believers are going to have less and less to hang on to. You almost get the impression that everyone knows the game is up, followers of religion know they are wrong, but they have so much invested in this little game they won’t give up without a fight. So the way to do it is clearly to chip away at their most strongly held beliefs. Twenty years ago, it would have seemed absurd to have a Christian who wasn’t also a creationist, not so now.

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