The DevilThere’s a widely held, but completely untrue assumption going around that America is a “Christian Nation”.  Well, it’s not, and whats more, the founding fathers went to great lengths to ensure it wasn’t eschewed towards any particular religion.  Unfortunately, those who wish to further their own agenda are constantly pushing this idea of a “Christian Nation”.

The latest example came in the recent GOP debate when Mike Huckabee claimed that “most” of the founding fathers were clergy men.  As some of you will be aware, out of the 56 founding fathers, only one was an active clergyman, with three former members.  So no, “most” weren’t clergymen, unless 4 out of 56 can be classified as most.  And saying four is pushing it.

If you speak to a Christian about the devil, one of the identifying aspects of the devil is the fact that he/it uses illusions, lies, misdirection and propogander.  He will tempt you with false truths so you can do his bidding.  So, if you were to be a Christian who applies logic (oxymoron, I know), you could logically deduce that Mike Huckabee, in lying to convince you of his argument, is the devil.

I knew it.