I wanted to share an email I was recently sent, just so you can see how some religious zealots form arguments in the name of a God.

I came to your site out of curiosity and was suprised to see that your arguments
are so weak and full of false statements touted as undisputable facts. I
expected it to be more of a honest appraisal instead of a mindless rant. Let
me cut to the chase for you. Both positions require faith. In my study and
investigation, the evidence for intelligent design so far outweighs evolutional
theory as to be laughable if it weren’t so sad. Sad becuase most won’t dig and
study for themselves. I read scientists who admit that evolution is wrong, but
that it’s the best thing we’ve got right now because there can’t be a God.
You’ve made your profession of faith in science and in the theory that all
animal, plant, bird and fish life forms came from an explosion of really
condensed dirt. So I believe in the beginning God and you believe in the
beginning dirt. One thing we both agree on is time will tell. Take good care,
my friend.

This gave me a right chuckle. In fact, I may have actually snorted. So, just to be clear lets look at what this (valued) visitor as to say.

Firstly, I’d like to be alerted to any false or untrue statements on this blog made by me. If something is touted as an undisputable fact, it is because to any sane and logical person, it is undisputable. i.e. beyond dispute, widely accepted. If you dispute the fact, you must not be a sane or logical person.

So, this whole intelligent design thing.  Where’s the evidence?  Please, someone show me this evidence.  And remember, a book written thousands of years ago doesn’t count as evidence.  If there really was enough evidence in favor of intelligent design to render evolution laughable, I’m sure we would have heard about it.  Instead, there seems to be a move, even amongst Christians, away from creationism and intelligent design.  Maybe it’s the overwhelming evidence in favor of evolution.  Even where Christians try and cast doubt on scientific studies, the truth will always out.  As a starting point for your enlightenment, I’d suggest the references section of the Wikipedia article on evolution.  Considering the article doesn’t delve too deeply into the mechanics of evolution, there are still 170 references, which I’m sure makes it one of the more trustworthy and researched articles on Wikipedia.

Please, I’d like to see evidence and places on this blog where I haven’t been accurate.  Just saying there is evidence and saying this blog is inaccurate doesn’t make it true.  Unless you believe inaccurate statements with nothing to back them up, which, considering you are religious, you obviously do.

Be well, friend.