Professor Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University has claimed that many of those in the intellectual elite consider themselves Atheists.  Or to be more precise, the proportion of atheists in this group is higher than average.  He has also claimed that the increase in Atheism is directly linked to the average level of intelligence also increasing.  This is something I’ve claimed previously.

I have really mixed feeling about this claim.  While I think he’s right, I wish it was someone other than Richard Lynn making the claim.  After all, Richard Lynn is known for making outrageous claims.  I’m torn as to whether the person making the statement is enough to invalidate, or call into question, the claim itself.

Quite frankly, in this case, the claim is so strong, and backed up by so much circumstantial evidence.  If you need any evidence of the lack of intelligence evident in “believers” (beyond the obvious), just look for any attempted use of logic, and you will no doubt find it.

When I first read this article, my initial response was “Yeah, and French people speak French”.  It just seems so obvious that to believe in something that clearly isn’t true, to be subjected to years of brainwashing and lies and to not even begin to question it, you must be lacking something intellectually.  After all, those who consider themselves to be intellectual question everything.

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