The Bible Quote, “Out of the mouths of babes…”, is meant to represent the idea that children, in their innocence sometimes speak more sense than adults.  The uninformed teach the informed.  So what happens when an author, and President of the Family Research Council gets schooled by a comedian and talkshow host?

Stephen Colbert asks.

“I think it would really be better for the anti-gay-marriage side if they obeyed everything in the Bible, not just the anti-gay-marriage part. Don’t you?”

“When did Jesus talk about gay people?  Because I keep on looking for that so I could win some arguments.”

If you watch the video embedded in the page linked to above, you will no doubt recognise the squirm most Christians experience when they are challenged on the actual content of the Bible.  I think it’s always interesting to ask a Christian why they choose to believe certain parts of the bible (God, creation, miracles) but not others (slavery, adult circumcision, oppression, violence, abuse etc.).  I’m yet to get a satisfactory answer.