There’s a story in Time (from 1970) about a couple who have had to give an a child they adopted because they “Do not believe in a supreme being”. The judge who made the decision did so on the basis that the child should be allowed to worship freely.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but being an Atheist does not mean you will actively prevent people from worshiping what ever God, or Supreme Being, they chose to believe in. However, if this child was sent to a Christian couple, they would be prevented from worshiping any God other than the Christian God. After all, a Christian Couple are not going to willingly let a child they have adopted break one of the commandments.

Quite frankly, this is one of the most idiotic decisions I’ve ever seen. One one level, the judge would rather the child be without a stable home than living with a couple of atheists. On a whole other level the Judge seems to have some fundamental misunderstandings of the tolerances of each community. Those who are religious are completely, and unashamedly, intolerant of all other religions. Atheists are not bound by such obvious self serving rules.

I think the question judges should be asking is, “Should a religious couple be allowed to have children?”. This seems a far more valid question in my eyes. While an atheist couple will present facts and evidence to their children, a religious couple will use age old brain washing techniques to perpetuate the ignorance.

Are we still confronted with such ludicrous situations?