I love a good debate about religion.  If you come across a practioner of a religion who is willing to listen to you, and argue their views, it can be a very liberating experience.  Of course, I’ve never entered into a debate with such a person that hasn’t ended with the line “Well that’s why they call it faith…“.  I’m sure the same has happened to you.  You debate, argue, discuss to the point where the only logical conclusion is there’s no God, only for them to throw that in your face.

Anyway, for both parties the experience can still be a positive one.  There are, however, some religions, and some believers of those religions that are so far entrenched in their own beliefs that debating them isn’t an option.  These are the people who are currently protesting in Sudan over a British Teacher who allowed her class to name a Toy Bear Muhammad.

The teacher involved, Gillian Gibbons, has already been imprisoned for 15 days and now the protesters want her shot.  I’ll repeat that.  They want her shot for allowing a class of children to name a toy bear Muhammad.  The 15 day sentence already seems absurd to any logical person, especially Christian Americans who have seen Jesus plastered all over some of the tackiest merchandise known to man.  I’ve written before how the restrictions placed on describing, painting Muhammad is a form of self-preservation, but this is taking it a step further.  It’s taking it into absolutely, barking mad, swinging from the ceiling absurdity.

Not only is the punishment already passed down for this “crime” ridiculous, but there is open debate amongst Muslims as to whether this is even wrong.  There’s a nice write-up here.  This seems to demonstrate, probably better than any other recent event, that the only place religion will take us is into the dark ages.