There’s a post up over at Crooks and Liars covering the recent dismissal/resignation of a state official for openly questioning Intelligent Design.  For the record, all this woman did was forward an email about an upcoming anti creationist presentation to a number of people.  The implication of this is that the state of Texas is sending a message out to state officials that to voice your opinions, and beliefs, is wrong, unless they are the same as those of the state.  Sound familiar?

The interesting part of the post, for me at least, is the fact it’s been written by a Christian.  A Christian who supports the separation of Church and State.   The stand out comment is:

A great many members of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State believe as I do that intelligent design is a specific attempt by Fundamentalists to inject religion into the public schools, and some of us also believe that if the State teaches the Bible they will misinterpret it for our children.

Which is something I find rather confusing.  So, intelligent design, which is in line with the Bible, is being used by fundamentalists to inject religion into public schools.  So once again I have to ask, to be a Christian, what percentage of the Bible do you need to believe?  How can you ignore the bit about creationism, but believe the bit about Jesus coming back to life?  Forget Adam and Eve but believe the whole Water into Wine thing?  Not drown people, but still go to Church?  Which part of the Bible should be ignored next?

Oddly, people like the author of the Crooks and Liars post give me hope.  It’s obvious that they can see the faults in Christianity but for some reason haven’t quite put two and two together and come up with four.  And while they have enough of their facilities in tact to realize that separation of Church/Religion and stae is a good idea, there’s hope for them, and us.