One of the things that has always bothered me about religion, at least those that rely on holy books, is that the teachings are set in stone.  They are written many hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago and just left.  Having read some of the things I’d written earlier in my life, I can’t believe that God, if he existed, wouldn’t want to make any changes.  Let’s take the Bible as an example.  We know for a fact that some of the Bible is just plain wrong.  The age of the earth for example, or any number of unpleasant Bible quotes.

So we know that the Bible isn’t perfect, and I’m sure God, being a decent fictional entity, would happily admit that he got things wrong in the past and want to correct them.  But how would he do it?  After all, you can’t just whisper sweet nothings in a human’s ear if your invisible, we have a name for that, so what would you do?

Perhaps, you would manipulate the world to show your displeasure at certain actions you’re Children are taking.  Like the Wildfires in California occuring around the same time they banned gay marriage, possibly?  The problem is that those that follow a religious book are closed to any suggestion that the book may be wrong.  So are they missing the signs, or choosing to ignore them?  Or, as Occam’s Razor might suggest, the book has always been incorrect.