I’m no bible expert, so any questions I raise about the bible are always from an outsider, non-expert viewpoint. Having said that, maybe someone can clear something up for me. In the bible, it suggests that the devil tried to tempt Jesus with things like food, power and, important for this article, invincibility. Jesus, obviously, turned him down. Or did he? Later on in the bible Jesus, after being crucified (and killed) comes back to life. Does this mean that Jesus did a deal with the Devil? Was it the Devil, and not God, who allowed Jesus to come back to life?

I’d be interested in what you think about this. It seems as if the Devil made the offer to Jesus and at a later point Jesus exhibited one of the attributes the Devil offered to furnish him with. Like I said, I’m no bible scholar (nor would I want to be) but it seems this is at least a possibility. Just putting it out there.