I came across this video (embedded below) on Richard Dawkins.net today and, well, WOW.  This is a video made with the clear intention of scaring impressionable individuals, specifically school children, into either converting to Christianity, or if they are already Christian, evangelizing to their friends.  I watched the entire thing, giggling throughout.  At the end, I found myself asking some questions, some questions that seem really obvious to me.

  1. This is a letter written by a fictitious person?  So it’s a fictitious letter and scenario then?  I’m just glad the Christian religion has never tried to pass off a piece of fiction as fact before now!  Wait a minute…
  2. How does the dead guy know what burning brimstone smells like? It’s hardly common.
  3. Once again we see that believing in God is enough.  Despite the fact that it appears the two central characters (with names plucked straight from the 90’s) were together and partaking in the same acts, the one who believes in God would get to go to heaven?
  4. Why is there a corridor in hell?
  5. Would you rather be in hell with the burning brimstone (I hear it smells like fish) or in heaven with the despicable people who made this video?
  6. Do any Christians out there actually believe that an Atheist friend of theirs would blame them for not trying hard enough in converting them to Christianity?  What a ridiculous idea.  Yes, of course it’s the Christians fault that the Atheist chose not to be brainwashed by a cult.  I mean, really.  Typical Christian self-importance.

Did I miss anything?  And don’t forget, I wish you were here…